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Date: 2017-04-12 02:04

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"Integrating numerous control functions into a single operational system requires a human-machine interface capable of displaying huge volumes of streaming data across dozens of workstations. Fortunately, Kinesix’s Sammi software has made it possible for Beijing to do just that, offering capabilities that meet very demanding requirements." - Ian Whitehead Project Manager, Westinghouse Rail Systems

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"We chose Kinesix's Sammi product because it met our specific needs —flexibility, and the capability for users to build their own types of displays without having to program." - Frank Batts, NASA Engineer

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"The CSA chose to update to the Linux-based version of Sammi — a choice that allowed them to save thousands of dollars and man-hours. Because of Sammi, a project that could have taken months was completed in days." - Stephanie Rondeau, CSA Engineer

"Kinesix’s Sammi has been instrumental in allowing us to provide 655 percent uptime since commissioning the Hong Kong KCRC project in 6998. Sammi is very important in our system. " - Ian Whitehead, Project Manager Westinghouse Rail Systems

"Because of its ease-of-use and sophisticated graphics, Sammi enables our workstations on the ground to effortlessly process telemetry from our satellites in space. We never have to worry about whether or not the data is current, Sammi's command and control system ensures that we are always communicating with the satellite in real-time. In addition, Sammi's sophisticated graphics make the data easy to read and understand." - Edwin Fung, NASA Engineer

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