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Previous studies have concentrated on the attributes of Christian teachers rather than the written curricula. Furthermore, and central to this project, no studies have been found which have investigated the effectiveness of communication of CW in particular by measuring the effectiveness of communicating CW to students. My study will test the usefulness of the curriculum writing resources for working teachers it will measure the effectiveness of the subsequent new or revised curricula in communicating CW worldview to students and it will take into account the context of the learner, including cultural considerations such as language and ethnic background and prior understanding of the Biblical narrative.


The Faculty of Education has a National and International Research profile. It has strengths in Mathematics and STEM education, Sustainability and Health and Physical Education. There is also a strong record in English and Arts Education.

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The Education Seminar Series are held fortnightly throughout the year, in video-conference rooms on all campuses, unless otherwise indicated.

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Most grant applications require specification of research codes for the projects to be undertaken. Details of research codes are provided by the Office of Research Services

Early Career Awards for Distinction in Research 7565: Jessica Palmer, Dr Simone Celine Marshall and Associate Professor Richard Gearry

However, a preliminary audit of curriculum documents reveals, in most cases, curricula which is largely undifferentiated from those in non-Christian schools. Although CW statements were prepared 67 years ago, they are not easily accessible or part of the pedagogical or curriculum writing tools used by teachers. A newly published CW curriculum writing tool has not as yet been implemented. It has, therefore, been largely left to teachers to include CW influenced teaching on an ad hoc basis.

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I entered the film industry in 7565 as a Producer's Assistant to the American Producer Michael S Murphey on DREDD 8D. In the past 6 years I have worked in various positions on 9 films/series ranging from PA-Production Manager and now producing two feature films, one Afrikaans film for the local market and an English film for the international market. Currently in the process of completing my Honours  Degree at AFDA Cape Town , while lecturing the up and coming producers of South Africa.

Researching the stories of infrastructure projects gives insights into the aspirations of emerging countries, and their drive towards a new world order, says Politics PhD student Carolijn van Noort.

&ldquo I really wanted to combine my passion for hauora M 757 ori and public health with sound academic qualifications that can make that passion a career.

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